black and tan french bulldog

 i was so happy to have received mack , the shipping took 3 days as i was told , he is so adorable . Thanks for such an adorable baby .

michealine Brian / Happy

Dibango Feild Farm is the best . Our baby is so adorable . The shipping timing and all that was as espected . Thanks 

Mark Jance

Samantha Dickson

This is a great breed for anyone these dogs are wonderful

Karen Binder

Yes I owned a Samoyed for 14 years…his name was Sammy and he was my best Friend. Three years ago I had to put him down and it was by far the hardest thing I ever had to do. I Miss him Terribly and would really like another one. I would really appreciate it if you could help me get one. Thank You, ..

Gail overstreet

This is an amazing breed grat for everyone. I have owned 4 samoyeds already and I know that most people may think they are all that work because they r big and they shed but actually it is hardly noticeable. I brushed my Sammy only about 2 times a mouth and it was fine. I would recommend this dog for a family with children because they are the best dog for children because of their friendly nature. Another feature of this breed is that it’s a dog with no wolf or fox DNA this means that it has low hunting instincts so it is extremely friendly!

Edward Cole

Excellent breed. We have owned our Angel for 2½ years, and are looking to purchase another very soon.

Samuel Delvalle

Beautiful dogs I love the samoyed dogs So much I would like to know the price of the samoyed puppies.I very energetic person and I know I could take care of them . I have lots of times because I’m a retired person thank you.

Mohamed osama mohamed

It was very beautiful breed can I know how much price that the female cost in egyption pound please to take two puppies from this breed

Matt S, Harrisburg Pa

When we first got our Shiba Inu puppy, Fiffy, she liked to crawl through the front pocket on my sweater. She would ride around like this! Now she is to big to fit, but we still have a lot of fun with her. I think Shiba Inu’s are very mischievous!

Carter and Jonathan

We just purchased a pug from Robins on this site. This is not a puppy mill, the place was spotless and Robins was wonderful and informative. He was always available prior to purchase and after. This is the second dog we have gotten from this site and both experiences have been wonderful.


We bought our adorable yorkiepoo Max (formerly Patch) from the Robin’s on July 24th, 2022. He is a great pup and adjusted to his new life very quickly! Max is a very smart and healthy pup that is providing much entertainment and love to our family. We find ourselves checking the website frequently to see if any new pups are listed! Thanks again!

Jasmine J

We brought home our Bernese Mountain pup Sophie (formally Fritz) from Patterson in Mifflintown on July 5th, 2022. It was over a three hour drive each way, but we didn’t hesitate to make the trip. She’s a beautiful, healthy, perfect puppy that’s quickly growing up and we couldn’t be happier with her! She’s brightened up our lives and we’d be happy to make another purchase through this site in the future!


For a while now I have wanted to submit a testimonial about our wonderful experience buying a dog through Dibango Field Farm . In the summer of ’09, my husband and I decided to buy our first puppy. We fell in love with the picture of Chloe (bichapoo) and decided to contact Patterson Robins. Our baby was shipped to us safely and we received Chloe in peace . Everything worked out so smoothly and has been ever since. Chloe is gentle, obedient and was soooo easy to train. 

Jared G

We adopted our little Teacup Chihuahua, Chowder (formerly “Monte”) just yesterday. We LOVE him like crazy! He’s spoiled rotten. He is such a great little puppy. He is very playful and smart and gets along well with our Maltese, Ajax. The adoption was very pleasant. When he shiped the puppy out he was even cuter than his picture! We highly recommend adopting puppies from Patterson Robins. He was VERY nice and helpful and his puppies are very healthy. We’d buy from him again


I just got my goldendoodle today and I love him so much. The whole process was great and I’m happy. Thank you Dibango Field for showing good and Nice bred dogs! 

The Vingless Family

We purchased Roscoe (also know as Simon) from the Patterson”s in june. He has been the perfect addition to our family. He is truly a gentle giant and LOVES our children! We are so thankful we stumbled upon this site and found Roscoe and the Millers!

Howard & Michelle

We found our bulldog puppy on your website. She is wonderful and we love her so much already. The family we bought her from were so helpful and very accommodating. I would recommend your website and this family to anyone I know..thanks again for the newest edition to our family..

Carole and Phil C. and son Luke

It’s just weeks since we got our girl, a toy Rat from Dibango Field Farm and she is healthy, happy and sweet and fit right into our big family from the very first moment she stepped out of the car! (the more mature animals tolerate her zest for life)

We love her.

Thank you Dibango Field Farm and Bow Wow Kennels – we are extremely pleased with your professionalism.


If your looking for a wonderful new adorable pet, please visit Patterson Robins in Dibango Field Farm. I got my male Yorkie-poo, Frank now known as Colin on August 3rd. Colin is a wonderful addition to my family and he is so loved by all of my family and friends.


Just wanted to say “Thank You” to Patterson Robins from Dibango Field Farm . For all the information he gave me on my beautiful girl AAVA, originally named Domino. I was somewhat hesitate but finally my Cockapoo was being transported to me by air  but can honestly tell you it was so worth the almost 2 days wait from time of payment . AAVA has been a blessing and has kept me on my toes always happy to see me. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy I would suggest you take the drive to the actual breeder and DO NOT have the puppy delivered.

Lorem Gladys

Oh my! I never knew that a testimonial page existed for this website-or would have done this long ago. We got both our dogs through this website-one 12 months old  and another10 months old. And what a find! both puppies were living with families and adjusted immediately with us. Very healthy-playful and loving. The folks looked like they really cared for them. I have recommended this website to many folks hence-and will gladly do so in the future

thank you Dibango Field Farm puppies for the two best friends that my wife and I had…!

Michelle B.

Thank you Dibango Field Farm Puppies. We love our new Golden Retriever puppy, Teddy. He’s sweet and lovable. The whole process went very smoothly especially flying him from PA to MA.  We’re very happy.

Mahhamed  Amet

This Is Maximus! We got Max from Patterson Robins in Myerstown few months ago. I would suggest to anyone to go see Patterson for a loving, goofy, healthy, top notch Boxer!!!!!! Chuck G.

Nikki D.

We bought our puppy on March 16, 2022.  I had been searching for a German Shepherd puppy and was apprehensive about going through the internet.  I had been looking on Dibango Field Farm Puppies and was a little nervous because of the “puppy mill” reviews. After much research I contacted Patterson Robins from pa. He answered ALL of my questions and was very honest! I wanted a female puppy and my mom wanted one too. 

Tess B.

We got “Woozle” from Patterson Robins in  PA and could not be happier.  The whole process went flawlessly and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about using Dibango Field Farm Puppies.


I had begged my husband for months to let me get a puppy, after doing some research he agreed on letting me get a Corgi. I found “Johnny” on Dibango Field Farm puppies and fell in love with him. I made the paymentsand he was shipped , and renamed him Bane. He is now the center of our house and is just perfect. Thank you for allowing us to find him! 

Tina T

We got our Jug Max from the Dibango Field Farm Family. He turned 1 today! He is the best dog we could have ever asked for and we love him so much! This is a great website! I highly recommend it and will come back when we are ready for a new addition!


What a wonderful experience. The facility was adorable with a small cottage built by the breeder. My dog was clean and engaged me right away. Thank you – Robins

Doreen E.

We just picked up our adorable cocker spaniel today and he is amazing. We named him Jasper.  He is such a cuddle bug and he’s started off great with the house training already.  So glad we found him and were united with such wonderful sellers.

Ndip Douzan

I just want to thank Patterson Robins for My Home Kennels. We purchased a maltipoo puppy june 2022. We named her Fiona because she truly is the princess of the house. We have a maltese who is 4 years old and since we brought Fiona home he has been so happy. I would recommend anyone looking for a health happy puppy to go to them.


We love our standard poodle pup from Patterson Robins. His facility is clean and beautiful with a small cottage where the dogs live. They have free access to the meadow which makes her easy to train. Our Celeste is amazing. Thank you Patterson and Dibango Field Farm puppies!


We got our dog  in PA. We drove six hours there and six hours back and it was the best decision ever. We are so happy with him. I would recommend this to anyone.

Tracy Williams

I had bought a Bichonpoo for my daughter a week before Xmas  and we truly enjoy our little puppy. This is a great trusted company to receive your dog from and I had recommend this website to all my friends.

Indowa Shaki

I got my Beautiful Yorkie puppies last February. I can’t tell you what a delight she has been to my husband & myself… We are actually looking into getting he a friend… The breeder Alvin was a delighful man! I am very pleased with this site! I posted her puppie Pic & Now… My little Princess

Maxilian Karen

Drove to Pa. from Ct. and bought GRACIE, the springer spaniel mix…what an adorable puppy, and so bright, and well behaved…We love her, and are so happy with our purchase..The breeder Sam was wonderful, and very honest.  we would highly recommend Dibango Field Farm PUPPIES, to anyone wanting to find an affordable, loveable puppy..we are so pleased..she is a wonderful family addition..

Cheryl S.

We found Keeno and Deuce (formerly Dallas and Delta) on Dibango Field Farm Puppies web site.  They were born in Parkesburg, Pa but have lived in , Fl since the day we picked them up.  They are now 19 months old and have personalities that are beyond belief.  Thank you Dibango Field Farm Puppies for helping us find our dogs.

Annie and Sadie!

We got our little Pug Rosie “Barbie” from Annie S. in Dibango Field Farm. I was a little nervous about taking a pup back to NY before I had a vet check her out but she was perfect! Rosie is now 6 months old, we’ve had her for 3, and we all just love her! Thanks Dibango Field Farm Puppies

Kris & Sarah

What a great experience we had buying our two little Yorkiepoo’s. We bought them from Stephen & his family from Ephrata PA. They were Princess and Star now called Cici & Casper. What a joy they are we absolutely Love them. Thanks everyone for such a great experience.

vladison Pacci

So happy with our little Morkie (Saint Nick:) Thank you Patterson Robins for a great transaction and our new furball of love 🙂

Cedric Didier

Our experience with Dibango Field Farm Puppies was genuine, and glitch-free! We’d highly recommend their services to anyone in search of a furry, four legged friend. We were blessed with finding “Bubbs”, our nearly one year old cockapoo last February. 

Although the puppy stage has been a bit of a whirlwind, its been a fun, unforgettable experience.

Gail D

We live in NJ and had our new puppy air shipped to us from Holtwood PA and we paid all the cost we now name our baby pup   Rascal. We highly recommend this site ! Nothing but real honest people. And they are not a puppie mill. Well worth the two days wait! 

Shonna B amet

We found our Precious baby on Dibango Field Farm puppies and we love our baby so much! He has brought so much joy into my life! He’s my healthy lil bundle of joy! Thank you Mr Robins in PA ! 

Jeanette Lorem

We were a bit skeptical about getting a dog and though it’s been 1 week, we all fell in love with him immediately.  He is very playful and loving! Happy to mention that he was given a clear bill of health! 

Casey amet

We love our sweet girl Bella! Thank you Dibango Field Farm pups! The whole experience with the breeder was great! Well worth the money . –


In APRIL ,2022, I purchased  a German shepherd puppy from Daniel in pa, to be with My 8 Year old German shepherd ZZ..she has grown into everything We had hoped for and more..she is now 5 months old and maxing at 33 pounds..I highly recommend Patterson Robins in PA , part of Lancaster Puppies…thankyou  


Two MONTHS ago I found my Smokey on here. He was the best money I ever spent and I would not have chose any other way butDibango Field Farm
puppies. It was quick, easy and put us in contact with the breeder immediately.



I adopted a corgi from your website little over 2 weeks ago.We are very happy with our puppy formly name Justiin ..we named him Jonah.


We drove 2 hours to pick up Sarge. He is the perfect addition to our family. Thank You Patterson for Sarge.


Recently we adopted puppy Tucker and we’d like to thank both Dibango Field Farm Puppies and Robins  for making it so easy to find our new member of the family. Tucker is male Golden/Lab mix . He has already brought so much love and fun into our home! I highly recommend this site….Thanks again Patterson Robins .

Crystal L

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my goldendoodle Browning! He is wonderful. Great SITE to deal as well.  

LaVaughn Sloan

This is Phoebe! (Her name used to be Cheyenne). We got her just a week ago. She is so lovable and you can’t help but smile when you look at her! We had a wonderful experience with the Glick family when we purchased her. Thank you!


We just purchased a pug from Robins on this site. This is not a puppy mill, the place was spotless and Robins was wonderful and informative. He was always available prior to purchase and after. This is the second dog we have gotten from this site and both experiences have been wonderful.

Matt S

When we first got our Shiba Inu puppy, Fiffy, she liked to crawl through the front pocket on my sweater. She would ride around like this! Now she is to big to fit, but we still have a lot of fun with her. I think Shiba Inu’s are very mischievous!


My family always had cocker spaniels when I was growing up. So when I bought my own house, it was only fitting that I got a cocker spaniel of my own. Just before Thanksgiving, my fiance and I found Dibango Field Farm during our internet search and saw a litter of the most adorable puppies I had ever seen.


Patterson Robins and his family are great! We love his pups. Robins is an amazing person and he gives all of the pups a loving start and they are healthy and have excellent temperaments. Beautiful dogs

Jacob Miller

We found our puppy on Dibango Field Farm puppies in July. The breeder, Patterson Robins  was very helpful and answered all of our questions. Our sheepadoodle puppy is happy, playful and loves everyone. We love her and are very satisfied.


We adopted Jasper our little Pomeranian a few months ago and he is the best purchase we have ever made. I will definitely continue to buy my puppies from here


I picked up Darling and she has been a great little pup! She went to the vet on Monday and got a clean bill of health as well. She is best buddies with our current Boston, Mugs, and we are looking forward to the two of them being lifelong companions.


We bought a beautiful Blue Male MinPin from Robins last Saturday. He is such a happy healthy well adjusted pup. We are so thankful to Robins and his family. We will definitely look to them in the future for another minpin to add to our family.

Mrs Wayne

I just purchased a chihuahua named Peanut from Dibango Field Farm Puppies. But now her name will be Foxy. Thank you very much Patterson Robins.

Jimmy Thomas

I bought my pup Riley about a year ago using Dibango Field Farm. He is now 16 months old and is an awesome little guy. He is always happy to see me and was very easy to train, both housetraining and tricks! Riley is a smart, loyal pup that I will always cherish my years with. Thanks Dibango Field Farm!


I just purchased a chihuahua named Peanut from Dibango Field Farm Puppies. But now her name will be Foxy.

Catherine Ann

I purchased Beverly,  now named McKenna from a breeder in Belleville,  Pa.  She is a wonderful puppy and extremely intelligent. We just love her. Ann