If at any time the said dog/pet is diagnosed with any health issue, breeder/seller must be notified within five days or guarantees are null & void, and the licensed veterinarian must state in writing that the defect is of a hereditary or congenital nature and not caused by injury, illness or old age and is disabling (unable to live a normal life) or requires euthanasia.
Buyer assumes all financial responsibility for dog/pet once it is shipped up . Seller will not under any conditions pay for any veterinarian bills, testing,
surgery or treatment procedures of any type after five days of receiving the said dog/pet.

Refunds/ Replacements:

1. Payments, shipping/delivery fees, payment fees, fees are nonrefundable and will be subtracted.
2. Refunds will be given within 30 days.
3. Buyer is responsible for all shipping/delivery costs to/from breeder/seller for original dog and replacement.
4. A replacement puppy/pet may take up to one or two months ,  and may not be from the same parents.

Buyers Requirements

-Buyer agrees to have a pet loving and caring family .
-Buyer agrees to have past exspirience with the said pet in question.
-Buyer agrees to be financially fit in other to be able to meetup and take good care of the said pet.
-After reading ,confirming and signing the sales  / purchase contract , buyer agrees to make full payments of the purchase price and shipping cost of the said dog or pet before the Transfer of ownership certificates is done in his/her names as new owners .
-Buyer agrees to train dog , pet (obedience classes are recommended) to teach it to be a well-mannered dog or pet.
-Buyer agrees to have this pet spayed/neutered by 9 months of age and send proof back to breeder.
-Buyer agrees to allow the breeder/seller to make visits once or twice yearly just to confirm the pet is well taken care of.
-Buyer agrees this pet is bought under AKC “limited” registration and buyer agrees that any/all breeding is prohibited.
-Buyer assumes all responsibility for dog once it is shipped out .
-Buyer agrees this dog will not be released to an animal shelter, humane society, or rescue group or to any research institution. If buyer does not want the dog buyer agrees to return to seller where it will always have a safe heaven with people who love it.