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Abour us

Welcome to our About Us and Information page
I am Patterson Robins ,founder of Dibango Field Farm  . We are located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania U.S.on a 20 acres of land with an abundance of trails for our dogs to enjoy . In 2005, my family and I created Dibango Field Farm with the intent to connect healthy puppies from verified breeders with loving and caring families. At Dibango Field Farm , we strongly discourage buyers from all breeding practices after purchase is made in which the health and well-being of innocent dogs and puppies are compromised. 1st most of our puppies information is in our puppy manual.  I have written over 50 pages (and adding to it all the time) It is in PDF Format and will be e-mailed to buyers once they make purchase of their puppies. It covers many topics which I add to as needed. Listed below are some of the steps we take to help you find a quality breeder before listing their puppies or pets on our website :
1) Most breeders have a photographer from Dibango Field Farm who sees their puppies personally and looks for red flags about the puppies
 well being and care. In cases where we are unable to visit the breeder personally, we collect as much background information on the breeder as possible.
2) At Dibango Field Farm ,we have verified and qualified vets who check and confirm these puppies are in their best of health state before we accept  these puppies to be posted on our site for sale for pet loving families .
3) We make it well-known to all of our breeders that we stand firmly against the mistreatment of animals and will not tolerate any such practice.
4) We make an effort to educate Dog Breeders on breeding standards and the importance of selling only healthy puppies with good genetics.
5)If it is proven that a breeder is using illegal or inhumane breeding practices, we then disqualify the puppies from that said  breeder our website.
6) We request all breeders keep their puppies up to date on all vaccinations and de-wormer.
7)We recommend that all breeders have their puppies vet checked.
8) Every puppy for sale sold on Dibango Field Farm carries a minimum of a 30-day health guarantee
With Dibango Field Farms, you no longer have to worry about bringing a sick or mistreated puppy to your home, and you don’t have to continue searching for ‘puppies for sale near me.’ We work with the nation’s top 10% breeders with a proven track of ethical breeding and promise you a happy and fulfilled life with a loyal puppy in your corner. As we transition into a digital  age and spend more time indoors, human connections are weakening. We need to foster meaningful relationships for a happy life. With your puppy waiting for you to return home every day, you no longer have to walk into an empty house because your precious puppy will always be there for you. We believe everyone has the right to spend their lives with a beautiful puppy of their choice,  which is why we bring bright and brilliant dogs for sale to you.
Did you know…
Dogs are more popular than ever before in history, and more people are loving life with our canine companions day by day. From classic breeds like the Golden Retriever to modern hybrids like the Labradoodle, we are truly living in peak puppy mania.
Welcome to Dibango Field Farms Puppies for Sale
No mills. No backyard breeders. No scams. Dibango Field Farms vets and evaluates the nation’s top breeders and businesses so you don’t have to. We approve fewer than 10% of applicants. Ready to bring home your dream pup from a breeder with integrity?
We also invite any feedback you may have for us. Feel free to email us at INFO@DIBANGOFIELDFARM.COM or use our CONTACT US for any questions.
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